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The Defence of Onatha North Gate

In which a ⅔ squad of MoX and ⅔ squad of Soul Reapers combine to thwart the efforts of the Vanu Sovereignty and keep the flag of the Terran republic flying above Onatha North gate on Amerish.

While there were several other TR units present this article focuses on MoX’s performance throughout the defence. As usual all diagrams are intended as visual aids only and may not be accurate

Part One, The Hordes of the Vanu

At the point in which MoX and Soul Reapers joined forces MoX were lightly engaged at Raven Landing, while Soul Reapers reported Heavy combat at Crux Mining Operation as Vanu forces attempted to surge south from their Warpgate foothold on Amerish. MoX responded and deployed via Galaxy to “C” point at Crux Mining Operation.

Onatha 1

“C” point is an outdoor point with defender spawns on either side, the position is also made more vulnerable as it is overlooked by high ground near the defenders main spawn. Upon landing it was evident that our position was untenable without further support, armed with this information the decision was made to fall back to the entrance of the “C” enclosure and attempt to hold back the purple tide emerging from their spawn rooms. This position was somewhat dictated by enemies in the high ground near VS spawn room as they still retained the potential to engage us in our flank.

Large amounts of VS forces continued to engage,  and we found ourselves forced to fall back further. The decision was made to fall back to “A” point at the North of the base as this would be the most difficult to reach for TR forces spawning in to attack from Sunderers acquired from Republic territory to the South.

Onatha 2

MoX took position forward of “A” point with orders to fall back onto the cover surrounding the point should the enemy attempt to flank or push in with sufficient force to require a retreat. Enemy movements were observed with the use of the squad infiltrator’s motion detector and recon darts fired from crossbows on other classes.

After repelling several heavy attacks through the left and centre doors (relative to our position), the enemy finally attacked in much heavier numbers, and through the right door aswell. MoX fell back at this time to make a last stand at “A” Point taking several of the cultists down before being overwhelmed.


Part 2, Enemy at the gates.

The Vanu’s overwhelming numbers had managed to push a path to the gates of Onatha Biolab,  and TR forces were in retreat and struggling to regroup at Onatha North Gate, a checkpoint  ill-equipped to withstand the ravages of a full strength Vanu assault. Despite suggestions that we should redeploy elsewhere It was decided to make a stand here.

Onatha 3

Onatha 4

MoX quickly mined the main approach to Onatha North Gate, and took position on the eastern tower, as this position was least likely to be defended by unaffiliated TR forces spawning at the base. Soul Reapers obtained armour and took up a protected position near the vehicle gate shields where their heavy guns would be useful deterring any Vanu assault along the road.

Even though no enemy vehicles were able to reach the base, the Main Vanu Sunderer had deployed on the West side of the road behind the cover of a rock formation and the sheer weight of infantry being unloaded forced their way into the base, and the TR defenders off the Eastern tower. Soul Reapers were forced to fall back to retain their vehicles and took up position on the southern side of the base with what remained of their armour, and MoX redeployed to a ridge in front of “A” point forming a defensive line in an effort to slow the Vanu assault.

Onatha 5

Onatha 6

Onatha 7

The cultists stood poised on the edge of victory, needing only one final effort to capture “A” point and begin converting the base’s systems to their cause. MoX’s position was almost an island in a sea of purple as the enemy began to push round our flanks, the left especially had enemies dangerously close, and Vanu forces had succeeded in hacking the vehicle terminal. MoX fell back once more while it was still possible to do so as a cohesive force. This act had the effect of releasing pressure on those Vanu closest to the MoX position and they surged forward in an undisciplined mass assaulting the control room in a chain of individuals rather that as a disciplined group, and these were quickly dealt with.

Not content to rest on their laurels MoX quickly pushed back out to the ridge. Vanu forces had yet to capitalise on their takeover of the ridge, and numbers in this small section of the base were light.

Again MoX held the line, unable to advance due to heavy enemy numbers, yet remaining strong in defence, the primary Vanu Sunderer had now been spotted, but was at this time out of our reach, safely hidden behind the continually advancing Vanu whose attacks never slowed for even a moment. A pattern began to establish itself in this phase of the engagement where MoX would fall back to the control room under increased pressure, eliminate the attackers and then push forward back to the ridge line unable to advance further but clearing the pressure on their position for a short time. This back and forth motion also prevented the Vanu from making the most of their stolen vehicle terminal, as vehicles they did manage to spawn were quickly destroyed by the advancing MoX forces.

The Vanu were also pushing South and despite putting up a valiant defence Soul Reapers were under increasing pressure and losing both ground and vehicles. A request was made for Soul Reapers to provide air support, and they responded indicating they were bringing multiple Battle Galaxies. Shortly after this request the Vanu push grew more intensive forcing MoX once more to a direct defence of the base’s Control Point. The Situation was looking grim, Vanu forces were attacking from all angles and their numbers were having more impact as time wore on. The Soul Reapers air assault arrived at the decisive moment to save the point. Pressure was reduced almost instantly as Vanu Infantry either died to fire from Soul Reapers’ weapons or were rendered less effective as they tried to find cover from the onslaught, and MoX once more pushed out.

Onatha 8

During the last Vanu offensive enemy forces had been able to place a secondary Sunderer inside the base’s southern garage and troops were now pouring in from two directions vastly increasing the pressure on the TR flank. Knowing that this needed to be eliminated quickly MoX boarded a Sunderer armed with close range anti-vehicle weapons and advanced on the southern Sunderers position. Making the most of the speed and surprise caused by a battle Sunderer with accompanying infantry, MoX quickly destroyed the Vanu Sunderer before eliminating the defending infantry and securing the local area.

While MoX had been engaging the enemy Sunderer the Vanu had taken advantage of the weakened point defence, and had been able to push in and capture the control point starting the countdown towards their capture of the base. Knowing that the Vanu would be forced to hold position for several minutes a request was made for another Sunderer to repeat the close range assault tactic on the Vanu’s primary Sunderer. The redeploying driver reported that he was unable to acquire a Sunderer, but would use an anti armour Prowler instead. Knowing the enemy Sunderer was being taken care of, MoX counterattacked the control point from the south together with other TR forces attacking from the spawn rooms in the north and was able to clear the Vanu forces from the point, retaking it for the Republic.


Part 3, The Republic rising.

At this point Soul Reapers were holding the southern entrance to the control point as infantry while MoX held the building’s northern entrances. The anti-tank Prowler had succeeded in destroying one enemy Sunderer, but another had taken its place allowing the enemy to continue to spawn keeping the TR still firmly on the defensive. Enemy attacks kept on coming, but MoX and Soul Reapers held on and the enemy attacks never provided a serious threat to the point allowing MoX to again push out and retake the ridge while Soul Reapers again secured the Southern Flank.

This push was to be the last, as the enemy Sunderer which had replaced the first one was poorly positioned and visible to MoX’s position on the ridge, and was soon taken care of by the squad’s heavy assaults, themselves covered from attacking infantry by the other classes targeting the infantry and a smoke screen provided by medics.

One final Vanu Sunderer remained, parked under the Eastern Tower where MoX made their first stand, though this did not last long, Terran forces were taking advantage of the Vanu’s confusion and advancing along the line overrunning any resistance and destroying the Sunderer quickly with C4 dropped from above.

With Onatha North Gate successfully defended TR forces marched swiftly onward toward Crux Mining Operation, where the demoralised Vanu forces were unable to provide any significant resistance.


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