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StumpyCat Cape [G00N]

The Mao offensive: an NC assault.


A look at a MoX ops night and the different fights and locations we found ourselves taking part in. Unusually for MoX we spent the entire evening on Indar.  TR were in possession of the Northern Warpgate. The evening as a whole features a good level of communication on the Command channel, and as always I am grateful to other outfits both allied and enemy for providing an enjoyable evening.

MoX numbers began at just over 1/2 squad, before rising to a full squad and maintaining that level for the evening.

Any mistakes in this regarding outfits in the area etc are a result of my own terrible memory, also as usual diagrams are most likely inaccurate, frequently upside down and intended as a guide only.

Part one: TR in retreat

The Palisade 1.

The first real engagement of the evening began in an unexpected way. The MoX squad was asked to group at the Palisade in preparation for an attempt to flank NC armor assaulting The Crown. An anti-air Sunderer was acquired and deployed at The Palisade to help speed the recall, and light vehicles were requested to aid the assault.

This never came to pass however, as two NC Galaxies approached The Palisade from the South, hoping to use their connection from an ongoing battle at Crimson Bluff Tower to capture the base. The anti-air guns mounted on the Sunderer roared into life, and although their firepower was insufficient to completely prevent the NC from dropping their squads, they did manage to destroy both Galaxies forcing the NC infantry to drop hurriedly.

01 palisade

MoX hurriedly formed up and moved to engage the NC forces enjoying an initial success, driving the attackers back from the point. These NC attackers were left without spawns and were quickly killed or forced to redeploy. However our victory was short lived, as the fight at Crimson Bluff Tower had not gone well for TR forces, so before long the remnants of this battle found themselves at The Palisade pursued by victorious NC forces.

Noticing a heavy NC armor presence, the MoX squad moved to a ridge North of the Palisade with the intention of flanking the NC armor position. NC forces responded by flooding the ridge with shells, forcing MoX to use mobile rocket launchers over engineer turrets and use the shallow reverse slope as cover against the NC as they slowly began to destroy the attacking vehicles.

Suppressive fire from ground vehicles was not the only opposition MoX faced. An attacking force of Reavers saw the MoX squad potential prey, but focused firing on the attacking ESF’s and quick responding medics countered their threat, destroying or driving off the enemy aircraft.

Unfortunately the sheer weight of enemy numbers proved too much for TR forces in the area, and after fighting off a wave of enemy infantry, it became clear that the base had fallen and MoX were the last TR forces remaining in the area.


The Crossroads offensive 

MoX recalled to the Warpgate, amid Communication on the command channel that a joint force of G00N, FU and UNIT were staging a combined attack on Crossroads Watchtower. This assault had already begun, and MoX were quick to deploy into a Galaxy transport to join the assault, and after communicating with forces on the ground it was decided we would assist with the assault on “A” point.

We were barely 500m from the target when the call to abort came through command stating that opposition was too heavy and all allied forces had been lost. Banking sharply, the Galaxy turned away from Crossroads Watchtower under heavy fire before managing to limp to The Crown where MoX would temporarily join an ongoing defense while a new target was acquired.


Part 2: In defence of Mao Tech plant.

Briggs Laboratories 1.

While the TR assault on Crossroads Watchtower failed, NC forces were successful in pushing off the mid-Indar plateau capturing East Canyon Checkpoint and attacking Briggs Laboratories. Large scale battles were also being fought in the open terrain around NS Abandoned Offices as part of a major NC assault on Mao Tech Plant.

As night fell, MoX moved to Mao Southwest Gate, deploying a squad of Harrassers armed with Gatekeepers along with a Repair Sunderer support. Their goal was to move into the open terrain to the East of Briggs Laboratories to destroy enemy armor and Sunderers attacking the base, hopefully causing the infantry attack to stall and fail.

MoX achieved this objective, systematically destroying enemy armor and spawns on the East side of the base despite being stalled by valiant attempts by NC engineers to repair their spawn Sunderer.  NC forces were still pouring into the base from alternative spawns aided by reinforcements were entering the area and Several vehicle teams which had positioned themselves in high ground to the West of the base. As MoX were the best equipped to deal with this vehicle threat, we moved west.

Upon arrival MoX enjoyed a great deal of success, driving the NC attackers back in a brutal surprise attack.  in the East, allied Prowlers had also made advances, capitalising on the lack of NC vehicles in the area and pushing round the base. A G00N infantry team was also joining the fray, and was on route to help re-secure the base. However these NC were not to be denied, more armor arrived slowly forcing the prowlers back, and another armor column attempted to position to our West in an attempt to flank us.

Using the mobility provided by the Harrassers, we were able to avoid this trap, moving to a position West of our attackers and deploying in an attempt to destroy them. However the terrain was more difficult here, and our lighter vehicles were beginning to take casualties.  The tide of NC was proving too much for our allies also and despite a stout defense another base fell to the NC tide.

02 briggs 1


The Scramble for Mao Southwest Gate

Knowing that the NC would already be beginning their attack on Mao Southwest gate, MoX abandoned their vehicles, deploying a heavy infantry squad to  in a desperate attempt to reach the control point before the enemy. We arrived to find an NC force dug in and waiting for us, so after briefly pausing to group up MoX assaulted the NC position, forcing their way up the stairs of the triple-level building time and time again, each time pushing deeper inside.

03 Mao SW 1

We were forced to enter from the East due to NC reinforcements attacking from deployments in the Northwest corner of the base, and as the NC were finally evicted from the point MoX redeployed to the Warpgate to acquire heavy armor to settle the matter for good.


A flank at Mao SouthEast gate.

MoX armor consisted of 1 repair Sunderer (AA), 1 Harrasser, and the remainder, single crewed Prowlers. Any casualties would man the guns on the Sunderer and remaining Prowlers to ensure continued mobility.

We moved south to navigate the ridge separating the Indar Warpgate from Mao Southwest gate just as the sound of high powered engines filled the air around us signalling a squadron of Mosquitos heading out on an air to ground mission. The ESF force streaked above, quickly opening fire on the NC armor, and knowing our assistance was no longer required, we changed target.

Communications on command indicated that G00N and 208 were moving defend Mao Southeast gate against another heavy NC push which had breached the outer walls and threatened to overrun the base. It was expected that allied TR armor would occupy the ridge north of Mao Southeast Gate. Knowing this, MoX would loop round to the East near Mao Watchtower with the intention of re-taking control of the plains and destroying NC armor and Sunderer positions surrounding Mao Southeast Gate.

04 Mao SE flank

Another dusty dawn broke, and  MoX began to encounter enemy vehicles surrounding Mao Watchtower, an organised NC group was attempting to climb the narrow track to the rear of Mao Tech Plant in an effort to destroy the TR defensive positions in place there. We were in a good position to engage this group as they were vulnerable in a tight column with no room to move to cover, so they were easily destroyed.

Pushing further South we found the open plains South of Mao Southeast gate filled with an assortment of NC vehicles. Sunderers in cover were providing the foundation of an attack while infantry swarmed over the rock walls and into the towers guarding the base. However the TR defenders were holding fast, and counter-attacking to repel the invaders. MoX were now in a position to strike a decisive blow against the enemy spawns and supporting positions, and so moved to attack prioritising enemy Sunderers to cut the NC supply of reinforcements.

MoX’s first attack cut deep into the enemy lines quickly the Sunderers before the NC could react, and moving on to engage the armor. It was a one sided fight, the NC Vanguards and Lightnings were operating independently of eachother, and the whole force was destroyed with the loss of only a single MoX Prowler.

With no NC pressure holding them back, TR vehicles began to burst from Mao Southeast gate surging towards NS Abandoned offices. Knowing that allied TR would occupy the high ground to the West of the base, MoX deployed into the more open terrain staying mobile and engaging and destroying any NC attempting to form a counter attack.

05 Abandoned NS


MoX ended up in a line formation South of Abandoned NS offices, securing allied Sunderers from attack as TR infantry attempted to secure the base. NC forces attempted to mass for a counterattack forming up at Howling Pass Checkpoint several times, but each time were repelled by massed AP fire. Enemy air forces also attempted to engage, Liberator Gunships circling like fat vultures looking for easy prey, but these were also destroyed by Walkers on board the Sunderer.

G00N and 208 moved west at this time, heading for a fight at J908 Impact site, while MoX remained in position monitoring the ongoing fight still raging in the plains surrounding Mao Tech Plant.

Eventually NC forces were successful pushing from the spawn-room at Abandoned NS Offices, and while they may yet be contained by TR infantry in the base and armor on high ground MoX’s position was suddenly vulnerable, so we relocated, moving the armor column to support an attempt to recapture Briggs Laboratories.

Upon arrival the scene at Briggs Laboratories was eerily familiar. TR forces had pushed from the North and were being opposed as they attempted to lap around the East side of the base, while in the West NC armor enjoyed a dominating position on high, rocky ground.

06 Briggs 2

The MoX column pushed East, firing on NC forces and providing the edge needed to TR forces in the east of the base. We then continued East, but as we had heavier forces than our last engagement at Briggs Laboratories, we were able to flank and  engage the NC armor at closer range destroying them in a manner that would have been impossible with Harrassers and controlling the ridge, securing it against any further NC attacks. The combat at J908 had also ended, as G00N and 208 were now deploying here, providing the hard infantry work, which  finally gave TR control of Briggs Laboratories.


Part 3: TR Counter-attack

With NC opposition shattered, and seeing little gain in waiting for the capture, MoX moved it’s armor column Southwest to Galaxy Solar Plant. The longer term goal was to link this lane with the distant Dahaka Amp station where an ongoing battle with fanatical VS cultists was raging.

MoX expected to exit their vehicles, and move into the central buidings at Galaxy Solar Plant, forming the spearhead of the TR efforts to capture the base, however as we crested a ridge moving towards Galaxy Solar Plant we encountered an array of NC vehicles desperately trying to reinforce their loss at Briggs Laboratories.

07 Galaxy Solar

A swift, mobile engagement ensued, with MoX engaging a force of NC armor and support vehicles. These were caught in a poor position were defeated quickly. By this point a larger force of TR had pushed into the base, so MoX pushed on once more, crossing the border to VS controlled territory with an attack on Ceres Hydroponics.

Our stay at Ceres was brief. Pausing only to deploy a Sunderer at the request of command, we set off West towards Seabed Listening Post. VS forces were steadily winning the fight near Dahaka Amp station, and were moving East in force to counter this new TR push. MoX moved to take up positions against the VS counter-attack by attempting to create a buffer zone at Seabed Listening Post to stall the VS attack and ensure the TR capture of Ceres Hydroponics was succesful. G00N and 208 moved to Dahaka Amp Station during this period, to assist the defenders.

MoX would now spent bulk of the time as an infantry squad of three fireteams, two combat oriented teams, and one support.

The VS response was as swift and brutal as could be expected, hordes of crazed cultists erupted from the Spawn room, and MoX quickly fell back North, away from the open point and main enemy routes. MoX formed a wide defensive line supported by an anti-infantry Harrasser and began to engage and suppress the enemy, hoping to keep the VS’ attention, holding them in place to ensure the TR forces from Ceres Hydroponics would be in a good position in the rear of the enemy when they arrived at the South of the base.

08 seabed

The Fight for Seabed listening post raged on, and had now become a major engagement. MoX were content to hold their position pressuring the VS forces and cutting off one exit from their spawn, while TR infantry attempted to force their way into the base. However the VS controlled the base’s buildings, and from their dominating viewpoint were able to halt the TR advance.

The deciding moments of the battle came with a two-pronged Galaxy assault from G00N and 208 who had redeployed from Dahaka Amp Station. G00N infantry took control of the base’s  “A” point, but were exposed to fire from overlooking VS positions and unable to advance, instead being forced to find cover where they could. MoX responded to this by assaulting the larger multi-level building, capitalising on a sudden reduction of pressure as VS turned to face the threat posed by G00N. A hastily relayed message from 208 also indicated they were on-route, and were asked to assault the same building hoping to catch the VS defenders in a pincer.

When the 208 Galaxy hit arrived it proved to be filled with MAXes which swept down through the building as we pushed up. The VS, caught between both forces were crushed, and the base finally secured.


Part 4, The end game.

MoX boarded a Galaxy at Seabed listening post and headed skyward, ready to react to any threat at a moments notice. Scanning the front lines we quickly noticed another attack looming on Briggs Laboratories, NC forces had defeated their opposition at East Canyon Checkpoint, and were massing for an attack on Briggs once more.

Seeing Briggs Laboratories almost defenseless and NC forces already entering the facility, MoX headed there at full speed, dropping on the point and splitting into fire-teams to cover expected routes of attack. Some NC forces had made it ahead of us, but these individuals were quickly driven off. The tempo of the fight soon changed from a comfortable win to a desperate defense as the bulk of NC forces arrived.

The NC main attack was in force through a building on the East side of the base. MoX were able to halt the attackers, but we did not have the numbers to force them back, and with the enemy population advantage mounting, we called for aid marking the suspected location of the enemy Sunderer.

G00N responded with a Galaxy, dropping infantry on the marked location breaking the back of the NC attack as more TR forces began to arrive and reinforce our position.

09 brigs 3

We took stock of our situation and called for a Galaxy extraction. Meanwhile allied TR forces were already heading south to attack East Canyon Checkpoint once more.

As soon as we were airborne a call for assistance came through command. NC forces had set up an anti-vehicle position on a high ridge  overlooking East Canyon Checkpoint with a force  estimated to be between 2 and 3 squads. Despite only having one squad, we communicated our intention to attack this position hoping a mix of surprise and good close quarters equipment would allow us to destroy this position.

10 East canyon av

The MoX Galaxy looped round to engage the enemy position in their flank dropping us among a group mostly made of of NC engineers feeling safe from reprisals as they lazily tried to destroy the TR vehicles with their long range turrets. Wasting no time MoX cut deeply into the enemy lines killing several before they had chance to realise we were amongst them and locating and destroying their support Sunderer. Some tried to resist, and a brief unequal firefight ensued resulting in the NC being forced from the ridge.

We took a moment to consolidate our position, with a primarily close-combat loadout we were not in a position to attempt to suppress the NC positions at East Canyon Checkpoint, but another option was open to us. The nearby base was The Palisade, which the TR had an active link with from The Crown. By taking this from the NC we would both ensure security for the TR forces attacking East Canyon Checkpoint, and draw NC forces to the defense.

It was decided to loop round the side of the base as NC population was still high in the area, and we were initially succesful in avoiding contact until we reached the road running through the center of the base where an NC lightning and Sunderer stood guard. Fortunately we were able to destroy these and move quickly to the point to start the capture of the base.

11 Palisade 2

With NC already in the base and outnumbering us, their response was swift, MoX split into a fireteam structure to guard both the L shaped building and the larger two-floor building attached to the bridge. It quickly became evident that the main NC attacks were coming over this bridge, spearheaded by an organised group, so both combat fireteams were dispatched to counter this threat leaving a small support team to cover the L shaped building against the less organised waves.

Pressure was high on both buildings, but despite a number of close calls, MoX managed to hold out against the attacking forces. Help was arriving now, and although numbers were steadily rising on both sides a friendly Sunderer had deployed close to the L shaped building we were able to move the support team  link up with the remainder of the squad.

11 Palisade 3

And with that it was over. The NC made a few last attempts both rushing across the bridge, and attempts to flank our position, but the TR held the base in a vice like grip until control finally transferred.

This marked the end of the NC’s Mao offensive, and broke the back of NC forces in North Indar.