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Player profile: Phoenix413

Phoenix413 Planetside 2 Hossin

Character Information:

Planetside 2, Miller Server.

In game name: Phoenix413

Other Internet alias: TheFirstOf28

Battle Rank: 83

Main Class: Light Assault / Medic

Outfit: Malevolents of Xibalba [MoX]


My name’s Phoenix413, and I’m your Platoon Lead…

I used to say that way more often then I do now, but that’s because I found a home in MoX and don’t really lead public platoons anymore. What I still regularly do is Squad Leading MoX, namely the Friday OPs and any casual Off-OPs stuff when I’m online. This is god-knows why really my preferred playstyle and a great excuse for sucking in combat. I mean, I can hold my own, and my recent accuracy stats are decent-ish, but I am by no means as good with guns as I am with the map. I try to improve both my leading (which really has become my focus) and my Gameplay (which is slowly progressing). I play very infantry-centric and lead a combined arms style heavily inspired by the way PirateCat runs things. I want to reach BR100 somewhen, although that has lost it’s meaning now :-(


Player information:

Name: Max

Age: 18

Nationality: German

… You will find me in front of my PC much when I’m not in school finishing my Abitur (A-Levels), practicing martial arts, taking dancing lessons, riding my bike , procrastinating getting my drivers license (or cleaning my room), or chilling with friends.

I am interested in Philosophy, (Geo-)Politics, History and Science stuff and like to talk (way too) much.

Oh, and I have a severe boner for Phoenixes (if the plural even exists) and stuff related too them, hence my tag.