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StumpyCat Cape [G00N]

The Mao offensive: an NC assault.


A look at a MoX ops night and the different fights and locations we found ourselves taking part in. Unusually for MoX we spent the entire evening on Indar.  TR were in possession of the Northern Warpgate. The evening as a whole features a good level of communication on the Command channel, and as always I am grateful to other outfits both allied and enemy for providing an enjoyable evening.

MoX numbers began at just over 1/2 squad, before rising to a full squad and maintaining that level for the evening.

Any mistakes in this regarding outfits in the area etc are a result of my own terrible memory, also as usual diagrams are most likely inaccurate, frequently upside down and intended as a guide only.

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Point defence – L shaped building

The L shaped building is a two floor building which is often found holding a squads objective. It  features two floors with entrances on both. The internal layout makes this building quite defensible, though bad planning or situational awareness can conspire to make your stay holding this area a short one. With that in mind it is worth studying the layout of this building in order to allow your squad more success defending it. Read more

Galaxy Takeoff

Rapid Response Galaxy Drops

For a single independent squad a galaxy is often a favoured mode of transportation. While it does lack a spawn point and infantry terminal, it provides excellent mobility, is able to carry your entire force in a durable body, has the option of providing some aerial fire support, and allows you to drop forces directly in a precise location of your choosing.

Operating in a Rapid response role and supporting other outfits objectives also has the benefit of providing a more tangible goal to Planetside 2 besides simply capturing territory, and goes some way to creating a meta game which many players crave. Read more

haven trench

Tactical Blobbing – A visualisation technique

Leading squads on Auraxis can be a tricky business. You need to be aware of your enemy’s position, your allies position, your squads and predict the future movement and flow of all these elements. This article features a few examples alongside a brief overview of a visualisation technique I employ to help make sense of the battlefield unfolding around me.  Read more

rough terrain

Shaping fights with Sunderer Deployments

A huge fight rages for the control of one of Auraxis’ many facilities. Hundreds of individual soldiers are committed on each side and inch by inch the attacking force is creeping closer to their objective, their movement paid for in the blood of countless individuals. When suddenly the attack loses momentum and quickly disintegrates into nothing. So what happened? As usual the entire attacking zerg were spawning at one Sunderer which made an easy target for a lone-wolfing C4 / tank mine toting player to destroy.

This guide focuses on zerg respawn behaviour in large battles and how you can direct the flow, and ensure your side keeps fighting through aditional Sunderer placement. This can be achieved with very few numbers or even as a lone player and is capable of shaping an entire multi platoon battle. Read more

PlanetSide2 2013-09-28 21-05-43-31

Suppression – A guide to keeping enemies where you want them

“Fire that degrades the performance of an enemy force below the level needed to fulfill their mission” (AAP-6 NATO Glossary of Terms and Definition)

It is a commonly held viewpoint that Suppressive fire in Planetside 2 does not exist due to a lack of fear of death, and a players abundant respawn options.I would like to challenge that opinion, and believe that suppression and area denial is both alive, and a very viable tactic which can be incorporated into your play at every level.

Every player  has at one point or another been in the position of being suppressed, or being the one suppressing the enemy even if that was not their explicit intent. If you are in a location which you are unwilling to leave because you know you will instantly die, you are suppressed (think spawn rooms, biolab entrances for the obvious examples).

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Triple – A building defence guide.

The “Triple” building is a common building which often contains a capture point. It contains two interior floors, a balcony an open roof and is a highly defensible building which is often the scene of frantic close quarter combat. This guide presents a basic defensive strategy which it is hoped will aid you in planning your defence of this style of building in isolation with a single squad, making the most of its choke points and mitigating against its weaknesses. Read more

taking on the magrider

Creating a Kill Zone – A guide to splitting a squad in defensive actions.

In some bases and scenarios, one of your options when  defending a capture point is to split your squad into two units, deployed to ensure that attacking enemies are hindered when trying to attack your forces by flanking fire. When used at the right time this tactic can be very succesful and help you hold out and win your engagement. Read more